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Well-prepared to meet market requirements.

Organisations need to react swiftly and flexibly to a change of conditions, without losing focus. This is not impossible — we can provide support!

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Specialist Areas & Expertise

We provide expert support in the following specialist areas.

  • Change Management & Culture

    Willingness to change as the key to successful organisations

  • Organisational Development

    From hierarchy to holacracy, design & implementation of organisational structures

  • Process Management

    Focus on efficiency, transparency & quality

  • Project/ Programme Management

    Achieving objectives instead of just talking about it

  • Governance

    Design & Implementierung von Entscheidungsstrukturen 

  • Reorganisation & Transformation

    Making change the road to success instead of a ride into an emotional dead end

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Consumer products & trade






Project management


Organisational design 2020

Project objective

Development of a new organisational structure that can be implemented until 2020. Evaluation:which areas can be covered where and how and which skills are required.


  • Market-based view: Development of scenarios for business segments as well as principles and criteria for the desired structure
  • Resource-based view: Development of several options for future line-ups, assessment of the options of the desired structure and demonstration of gaps in comparison with the current structure
  • Organisational design: Determination of the desired structure, including necessary key qualification

Most important results

A fully elaborated desired structure that was designed in close cooperation with the management team, therefore it also found the necessary acceptance within theorganisation.

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Foto von Alexander S.
Monika B.
Increase in Productivity, Management Behaviour, Process & Organisational Optimisation
Important career stages
Allianz, Capgemini, Czipin Produktivitätsberatung, freelance consultant since 2013
Foto von Alexander S.
Christoph S.
Organisational Development, Process Management, Organisational Design
Important career stages
MAGNA, MANAGEMENT ENGINEERS (now Strategy & formerly BOOZ), freelance consultant since 2011
Foto von Alexander S.
Andreas I.
Change Management, Organisational Design, Project Management, Communications
Important career stages
EY, GE Capital, freelance consultant since 2009
Foto von Alexander S.
Alexandra B.
Project Management, Classic & Systematic Process Management
Important career stages
IBM Global Business Services, PWC, freelance consultant since 2013

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