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FAQ – most frequently asked questions

Find answers to councellors’ most frequently asked questions: 
Process & procedure
I have never worked with a consultant. Will somebody support me in drafting the project briefing? What do I have to keep in mind? Is there a checklist to assist me?
Is it possible to specifically search for, contact and select consultants instead of posting a project and waiting for applications?
How many consultants can apply to my project?
What if I don’t like any of the consultants applying via the platform?
What if nobody applies to a project?
To what extent is Haufe Consulting involved in an ongoing project and after project closure? Or does Haufe Consulting act as a pure placement platform?
How does invoicing work?
How does Haufe Consulting ensure that the platform includes only high-quality consultants who are well-versed in the subject?
What if I’m not happy with the consultant; can I change consultants in the middle of a project?
What if the consulting requirements change in the course of a project?
Do I have to choose a consultant “merely” based on their CV or can I talk to them several times before making my decision?
How long does it usually take to find a consultant?
What will Haufe Consulting do with my feedback?
Data protection
Who can see my project post?
Can I decide whether my project or company appear in a list of references?
How does Haufe Consulting process my data?
Administration, organisation & invoicing
Will I have a real contact person at Haufe Consulting or is it “just” a platform?
 Who is my company’s contracting partner: Haufe Consulting or the individual consultant?
Do all consultant charge the same fee and/or does Haufe Consulting determine certain daily fees?
Can I arrange potential follow-up assignments with the consultant himself/herself?
Does Haufe Consulting only commission smaller assignments or place individual consultants? Or can Haufe Consulting also put together larger teams?
Find answers to consultants’ most frequently asked questions:
Admittance procedure
What are the prerequisites for becoming part of the HAUFE CONSULTING community?
I’m the manager of a small consulting company with a few employees myself — can we register as company and/or team? Or is it only possible to register as individual consultant?
Benefits of Haufe Consulting
What benefits do I derive of being part of the Haufe Consulting community?
Can I recommend consultants that might be attractive to Haufe Consulting?
What if I land a follow-up project?
Does Haufe Consulting offer an official certification for consultants?
Does Haufe Consultingsupport any kind of exchange of experience between consultants?
Will Haufe Consulting provide documents and/or equipment (computer, rooms, business cards, pens,...)?
Data protection
How does Haufe Consulting process my personal data?
Rights & obligations
Can I specify certain project preferences (region, sectors, company size, duration of an assignment, alone or in a team, role, languages,...)?
Do I have to take an assignment?
Who are the contracting parties in a consulting contract?
Does Haufe Consulting expect me to take on a minimum number of assignments?
Can I influence who I work with in a project?
 Does Haufe Consulting have an exclusivity clause?
Project process & procedures
How many project enquiries/ consulting days per year can I expect?
Will you draw my attention to interesting projects?
Applying to a project — how does it work?
Will Haufe Consulting support me in acquisition discussions?
How does Haufe Consulting support me during a project? (Does Haufe Consulting assume the role that a partner in a larger consulting company usually has?)
 What is the size of an average project?
What if a project doesn’t go well and the client is unhappy? Who’s the one to judge? Will there be a face-to-face conversation? Will I be excluded from the Haufe consulting community? Will Haufe Consulting take on a neutral and/or supporting stance?
Administration,organisation & invoicing
What about pricing? Can I determine the fee or does Haufe Consulting determine certain criteria?
Do I issue the invoice tothe client?
Is there payment ininstalments for long-running projects (monthly invoicing, invoicing according to milestones)?
How does Haufe Advisory support me if a client doesn’t pay or pays very late?
Do I need any specific software or apps in order to be assigned projects via Haufe Consulting?