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What are the advantages of Haufe Consulting?
How can I be assigned a project?
Do I suit the consultants’ portfolio?
What does the admittance process entail?

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What are the advantages of Haufe Consulting?

Strong acquisition channel

Haufe Consulting offers free access to project enquiries and thus enables you to focus on what you as consultant enjoy and dobest: consulting!

Full autonomy

Haufe consultants are fully autonomous – they decide when, how, where and whether they want to work with a company. This ensures highest flexibility.

Access to a top consulting community

Being a freelancer, you sometimes might get the feeling that you’re completely on your own. Our consulting community serves as a platform for professional exchange and for cooperation in large projects – because we are stronger together.

Administrative support

Uncomplicated and transparent administration, invoicing and payment processes support you and reduce the time you need tospend on administrative matters ‒ time that you will have on your hands for project work!

Continuous feedback & personal development

At the end of every project, you will be given feedback ‒ this supports your personal development. Furthermore, Haufe Advisory offers numerous training opportunities that you can draw on whenever you need.

Do I suit the consultants’ portfolio?

The Haufe Consulting community is very diverse and the consultants complement each other well.
However, there are a few things our consultants have in common – these also form the basis for our admittance procedure.
Management consulting

You are a freelance business consultant and you consult companies in one of these are as of expertise. Your focus of work is on management consulting and not on coaching & training.

In-depth expertise

You are a top expert in one to a maximum of three areas and you have accompanied numerous projects in these areas as external consultant. (These are the areas of expertise that Haufe consultants work in – this list is not exhaustive, though!)

Technology & trends

You are aware of current technologies, developments and trends in your area of expertise and you know how to make best use of them.

Years of experience

You have several years of experience in projectmanagement in a Tier 1 or Tier 2 consulting firm or in a renowned boutique consulting firm. Alternatively, you worked several years in line management and have been successfully working as freelance consultant for some time. You are well-versed in consulting companies with more than 300 employees and you can cite suitable testimonials.

Methodical expertise

You have several well-founded methods for your area of expertise up your sleeve – and you are ready to use them whenever the client needs them.

Trust, commitment & autonomy

You act as confidant of your clients, you address complicated issues and you identify blind spots. You are highly committed and always respectful and solution-oriented. You are used to supporting clients in an autonomous and target-oriented manner throughout the consulting processes.

How can I be assigned a project?

You decide which projects are suitable for you.
Project suggestion

You receive suggestions for interesting projects that suit your qualifications and you can decide whether you want to present yourself and your profile to the client.


You get to know the client, Haufe Consulting makes an offer in agreement with you and then Haufe Consulting enters into contract witht he client.


Haufe Consulting issues the invoice to the client and then pays out the agreed-upon amount to you. Find more details on fee calculation in our Framework Contract, which we enter into with every Haufe Consultant.


Throughout the entire process, Haufe Consulting will remain by your side and will regularly ask both you and your client for feedback.

What does the admittance procedure entail?

We attach great importance to getting to know you very well so that we can forward suitable projects to you in the future
and vouch for you with conviction vis-a-vis our clients.
First contact

After your registration, we will contact you by telephone and clarify open questions from both sides.

Online procedure

We will send you a link to an online procedure which, together with the registration profile, is the ideal basis for our personal meeting.

Personal meeting

We will have a personal meeting to talk about your consulting experience.


You will give us the names of former clients of yours that you accompanied in successful projects.

Become a consultant now

*Registration only available in German at the moment.